Cascade HealthCare Products carries an extensive line of WishGarden Herbal Remedies, perfect for preventing and combating lung, throat, sinus and immune ailments for your entire family. See our selection of WishGarden tinctures and herbs for an excellent way to prevent seasonal and body ailments before they start!

We also have a special section dedicated to tinctures specially designed for the smaller bodies and sensitivities of children, click here to see more!

WishGarden trained herbalist's use only certified organic and wild-harvested quality-tested ingredients to produce unique formulations that will soothe, nurture, and support our bodies naturally. Because WishGarden formulas incorporate culinary herbs, they are not just healthy but tasty too!

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If you need help choosing the right products, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and other health care professionals. You can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.

Cedar Free Tincture - WishGarden

Herbal Tincture for Allergy Relief
From $11.00

Daily Immune Tincture - WishGarden

With Astragalus
Herbal Tincture for Healthy Immunity

Deep Lung Tincture - WishGarden

Herbal Tincture for Strong, Healthy Lungs
*Not For Use During Pregnancy or Nursing

Get Over It Tincture - WishGarden

Herbal Tincture for Healthy Immune Response
$0.00 excluding shipping

Kick It Biotic Tincture - WishGarden

Multi-Strategy Formula for Immune, Respiratory & Lymph Function

Kick It Immune Activator Tincture - WishGarden

First Line Immune Defense

Kung Fu Fighter Tincture - WishGarden

Soothes Throat & Lower Respiratory System
$0.00 excluding shipping