Herbals For Labor & Postpartum

WishGarden Herbal formulas are safe and gentle, making them a great option for labor and postpartum. We have a full selection of tinctures from gentle labor inducers to sitz baths for pregnancy, and mood lifters to relaxants for new mothers.

WishGarden Herbs has been a trusted source for health and wellness in pregnancy, motherhood, and childbirth for over 30 years.  At Cascade we love and regularly use WishGarden products!  Try them for yourself to see why WishGarden is one of the leading suppliers of herbal remedies for pregnancy and motherhood.


Afterbirth Sitzbath Herbs - WishGarden

Afterbirth Sitzbath Herbs, Soothing Post Birth Herbal Soak
From $10.59 excluding shipping

Herbal Perineal Spray - Earth Mama Organics

Soothing Herbal Perineal Spray
$12.99 excluding shipping

AfterEase Tincture - WishGarden

AfterEase Tincture for Relieving Afterbirth Pains
$0.00 excluding shipping

Baby Blues Mood Remedy Tincture - WishGarden

Postpartum Emotional & Hormonal Support
$0.00 excluding shipping

ReBalance Postpartum Tincture - WishGarden

ReBalance Postpartum Tincture Helps Balance Hormones After Birth
$12.00 excluding shipping

Wombstringe Tincture - WishGarden

Uterine Astringent to Resolve Unwanted Spotting
*Recommended for Professional Use Only
$0.00 excluding shipping