Gynecological Model

Gynecological Model for Teaching Insertion of Contraceptives
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The Gynecological Model is a  unique gynecological training model that is ideal for demonstration purposes and for training realistic insertions of female barrier contraceptive devices, which are placed in the vaginal/cervical area.Thanks to the transparent, enlarged vagina and opened uterus, the use of both contraceptives and aids for urinary incontinence can be demonstrated clearly. The following methods of contraception and aids can be introduced but are not included with the model. Contraceptive Kit and Pessary Kit are sold separetly

          •       Intrauterine pessary (IUP, coil), T-shaped, short

          •       FemCap™, 26 mm

          •       Diaphragm, 75 mm

          •       Vaginal ring

          •       Femidom

          •       Ring pessary, 55 mm

          •       Sieve cup pessary, 55 mm

          •       Cube pessary, 37 mm

          •       Urethra pessary, 55 mm

          •       Urethra cup pessary, 55 mm