Pregnancy Display with 8 Models

Shows the Complete Stages of Development
Includes Breech, Transvere Lie & Twins Models
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Manufacturer part number: L10
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The 3B Scientific  Classic Pregnancy Series 8 Model set is  popular pregnancy series and includes 8 models to show the complete stages of development. All uterus models are mounted separately on stands and are removable. In addition, the 4 largest fetal models  can be removed from their uterus.

Featured Stages

  • 1st Month Embryo
  • 2nd Month Embryo
  • 3rd Month Embryo
  • 4th Month Fetus (Transverse Lie)
  • 5th Month Fetus (Breech Position)
  • 5th Month Fetus (Transverse Lie)
  • 5th Month Twin Fetuses (Normal Position)
  • 7th Month Fetus