725 Baby Scale - Seca

Classic Mechanical Scale
High Quality Precison Mechanics
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Manufacturer part number: 7251121139
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The seca 725 mechanical scale combines classic design with high-quality precision mechanics. Determining an exact weight is child's play, thanks to the smooth movement of precise sliders. The gently curved weighing tray keeps the baby safe during every step of the weighing process. The resetting function that puts the scale back to zero lets the user reliably determine net weight. Before the baby is weighed, the weight of soft padding in the tray or of the baby's diaper can be deducted from the gross weight with use of the reset-to-zero function. The impact-resistant and scratchproof finish makes it easy to care for the seca 725 and contributes to the scales guaranteed long service life.



  • Classic design and high-quality precision mechanics.
  • Precise ascertainment of weight due to zero adjustment.
  • Softly curved weighing tray for maximum safety.
  • Easy-care and mobile.
  • Capacity 32 lbs / 16 kg
  • Graduation 1/4 oz / 5 g
  • Dimensions 21.7 x 7.1 x 11.4 inch