ABI Cuff Kit - Natus

Complete ABI Cuff Kit
Includes Sphygmomanometer & Cuffs
Manufacturer part number: ABIK
excluding shipping

Nicolet ABI/Ankle Brachial Index Cuff Kit

The Natus Nicolet ABI/Ankle Brachial Index Cuff Kit can be used with any Elite Doppler or  Imex PocketDop II Doppler to perform Ankle/Brachial Index tests as part of your treatment and monitoring of peripheral vascular disease (PAD).

Does Not Include the Doppler


  • Tycos® Sphygmomanometer
  • Four 10cm Cuffs
  • Laminated ABI chart
  • ABI report forms (50 sheets)
  • ABI training booklet
  • ABI training CD
  • Get Your Pipes Checked booklet (5)

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