ABI Systems

Our selection of ABI Systems include the Huntleigh Diabetic Foot Assessment Kits and the Dopplex Ability; from Summit we carry the Portable Handheld ABI Systems, Vantage ABI System, Vista ABI and the full featured Vista AVS; from Natus/Imex  we carry the Versalab LE System, Elite Dopplers with ABI Kits, and Pocket Dop II with ABI Kits.

Dopplex Ability ABI System, Huntleigh

Dopplex Ability Automatic ABI System
Easy, Fast Results in 3 Minutes
Order by 7/31/2017 and Receive Free Extra Large Cuff Set & Reporter Software
$0.00 excluding shipping

Dopplex DFK ABI Kits - Huntleigh

Dopplex Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit
For ABPI & PAD Assessment
$0.00 excluding shipping

Elite 100 Vascular Dopplers with ABI Kit

Elite 100 Audio Only Vascular Doppler with ABI Kit
Available with 5mhz or 8mhz Probes
$0.00 excluding shipping

Imex Pocket Dop II Vascular w/ABI Kit

Imex Pocket Dop II Vascular Doppler with ABI Kit
$0.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 250 ABI System

LifeDop 250 ABI System with Printer
Choose 2 cuffs or 4 cuffs
$0.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 300 ABI System

LifeDop 300 ABI System with Printer
Automatic ABI Calculations
$2,199.00 excluding shipping

Nicolet VersaLab LE Vascular Doppler

Versalab LE Vascular Doppler System
For Versatile & Accurate Peripheral Vascular Evaluation
$0.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vantage ABI Package 2 Doppler System

VANMAX Cuff-Based ABI System With Printer & Stand

Uses DFO Waveform Analysis
$3,900.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista ABI Doppler System

Summit Vista L450VA ABI System
2 Modalities, PVR & Bi Directional
$0.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista AVS ABI Doppler System

Summit Vista L150VA AVS System
Full Featured ABI/Vascular System
Satifies Reimbursement Requirements
$0.00 excluding shipping