ADC Proscope 5215 Complete Diagnostic Instrument Set

2.5v Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the ADC ProscopeTM 5215 Complete Diagnostic Instrument Set. The ADC Proscope 5215 is a full featured 2.5v set with 5 different instruments in a zippered case with fitted insert that is scuff and scratch resistant. The complete set has Bayonet locking mounts for each instrument head to allow secure connection to the battery handle. It is "C" cell powered with a satin finish battery handle and knurled finish Rheostatic on/off switch. This set has a 1 year warranty and does not include batteries.

Otoscope Features

  • Chrome-plated Otoscope head with removable 3x magnifying lens, and insufflator fitting
  • Auto-clavable, polypropylene ear specula in 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.5mm sizes
  • Adapter to allow use with Welch Allyn or compatible disposable specula
  • Nasal speculum adapter with manual screw opening for instrumentation connects to the otoscope head
  • Welch Allyn disposable polypropylene ear specula in 2.75mm and 4.25mm sizes

Ophthalmoscope Features

  • Ophthalmoscope head with lens wheel featuring 24 corrective lenses from –25 to +40 diopters
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 10942, ISO 15004-1, and ISO 15004-2

Bent Arm Illuminator Features

  • Chrome-plated bent arm larynx and nasopharynx illuminator for lighting the oral cavity and pharyngeal area
  • One 3.0mm and one 4.0mm mirror with integral tongue depressor holder that attaches to the illuminator
  • One tongue depressor attachment for the illuminator
  • One disposable tongue depressor adapter for the illuminator

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ADC Proscope 5215 Complete Diagnostic Instrument Set, Each
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