Basic Digital

 Choose from our wide selection of digital thermometers from ADC, Veridian and Cascade. For infants we have a great alternative to performing rectal temperature readings wit the Digital Pacifier Thermometer by Veridian. Infants will enjoy our wide selection of animal character thermometers with entertaining features like animal sounds instead of a beep when the temperature is read.



Adtemp 415FL Digital Therm - ADC

Super-Fast with Flexible Tip
15 Second Oral, 10 Second Rectal
From $7.50 excluding shipping

Adtemp Ultra 417 Digital Therm - ADC

Ultra-Fast Predictive Technology
2 Second Oral Reading, Dual Scale
From $11.50 excluding shipping

Animal Character Digital Thermometers

Animal Character Digital Thermometer Set, Great for Young Children
Set Includes Frog, Rabbit, Cow, Dog and Duck
$32.00 excluding shipping

Jumbo Digital Thermometer, Cascade

Digital Thermometer with Jumbo Display
60 Second Readings
From $3.99 excluding shipping

Pacifier Style Digital Thermometer

Pacifier Style Digital Thermometer with Orthodontic Nipple Design
From $7.50 excluding shipping

PediaPets Talking Thermometers

PediaPets are Digital Animal Thermometers With Animal Sounds
A Staff Favorite
$9.00 excluding shipping

Thermometer Sheaths/Covers

Sheaths/Covers For Most Stick Style Digital Thermometers
Box of 100
From $3.25 excluding shipping