Cascade HealthCare Products carries a variety of Lancets for use on both infants and adults. We feature Gentleheel™, BD QuikHeel™ and Tenderfoot™ infant lancets. For adult use we carry  Terumo™ Brand Safety Lancets,  Mc Kesson Safety Lancets and the hard to find Metal Long Point Lancets.

Gentleheel Newborn Lancet

Sterile, Gentleheel Newborn Lancet. 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
This is our Bestselling Lancet
From $1.75

Lancets for Lancing Device

Twist Top Blue Lancets with 28g Needle for Use with Lancing Devices, Box of 100
$8.00 excluding shipping

Lancing Device, with 100 Lancets

Lancing Device with 5 Depth Settings, Includes 100 Lancets
$24.00 excluding shipping

Metal Long Point Lancets

Sterile, Long Point Flat Metal Lancets. 1.5mm Depth
Box of 200

QuikHeel Newborn Lancet by BD

Sterile, QuickHeel Hewborn Heel Incision Devic. 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
From $2.50

Safety Lancet, Box of 100

These Generic Sterile Safety Lancets for Finger Pricks have Push Button Activation
23G and 28G, Box of 100

Tenderfoot Newborn Lancet

Sterile, Tenderfoot Newborn Lancet Device, 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
From $2.00 excluding shipping

Terumo Capiject Safety Lancet 2.00mm

Capijet Safety General Use Sterile Lancet Blade 2.00mm Depth
This Lancet uses a Blade
From $0.25

Terumo Capiject Safety Lancet 2.25mm

Capijet Safety General Use Sterile Lancet Needle 2.25mm Depth, 23G
This Lancets use a Needle
From $0.25