Electric Sterilizer, All American 50X-240V

Electric Autoclave Steam Pressure Sterilizer
With or Without Support Base
USA Only

Manufacturer part number: 50x-240V
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All-American® 50X-240V Electric Autoclave Sterilizer

All-American® 50X-240V Electric Autoclave Sterilizer is a complete, self-contained unit with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic control, automatic release valve, and pilot light. It connects to any outlet, is ready for use instantly, and ensures complete, efficient sterilization. It is identical to the 25X-240V in size, features, and structure, only it has a 1650 watt heating element that makes start-up 50% faster and its heating capacity 36% higher. It also features a 60-minute mechanical bell timer.This sterilizer has clamping locks to prevent removal of cover while pressure is present. Each sterilizer comes with a support base/stand for elevating the unit to protect tabletops or counter surfaces from the heat.


  • 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz 1650 watts/6.88 amps
  • Bell alert when sterilization is complete, but manual shut-off required
  • Fenwal thermostat control
  • Pressure control valve
  • Excess pressure relief valve
  • Calrod immersion 1650 watt heating element, 50% faster startup than 25X
  • 36% greater heating capability compared to 25X
  • Crafted of the finest hand cast aluminum that resists aging and corrosion
  • Stay-cool bakelite top handles and wing nuts
  • Removable aluminum inner container with rack
  • Interior stainless steel support stand
  • More accurate TPI thermocouple, snapswitch and pilot light
  • Portable, economical, reliable operation
  • Pressure gauge conforms to the pressure gauge standard ANSI B40-1-1980
  • Flexible metal exhaust tube
  • 60 minute mechanical timer
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Sterilizer dimensions:
    • 12.25" bottom height
    • 16.75" overall height
    • 12-5/8" inside diameter
    • 25 qt gross capacity
  • Inside chamber dimensions:
    • 8.5" height
    • 11-1/8" diameter
    • 35-7/8" circumference
    • 14.5 qt capacity
  • Support base:
    • 12.75" outside diameter
    • 12-3/8" inside diameter
    • Elevates sterilizer 1-3/8" above surface