All American Non Electric 1925X Sterilizer

Non Electric Steam Pressure Sterilizer
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the All-American® Non Electric Sterilizer 1925X. Used over any effective heat source, this steam pressure sterilizer provides dry sterile dressings and instruments in mere minutes with all micro-organisms and bacteria destroyed. 

This 25 quart non-electric sterilizer weighs 25 lbs, measures 19" x 15" and has a chamber size of 11" (diameter) x 10" (depth). It requires an independent heat source such as a hot plate or stove. Clamping locks prevent removal of cover while pressure is present and other safety features - such as an over-pressure safety plug and cool bakelite handle - are thoroughly tested to ensure that the unit can be safely operated with a minimum of attention.


  • Crafted of the finest hand cast aluminum that resists aging and corrosion
  • Manual shut-off required
  • Stay-cool bakelite top handles and wing nuts
  • Removable aluminum inner container with rack
  • Portable, economical, reliable operation
  • Pressure gauge conforms to the pressure gauge standard ANSI B40-1-1980
  • Flexible metal exhaust tube
  • Can be used over any effective heat source
  • Weight: 18.25 lbs
  • Sterilizer dimensions:
    • 12.25" bottom height
    • 16.75" overall height
    • 12-5/8" inside diameter
    • 25 qt gross capacity
  • Inside chamber dimensions:
    • 10.25" depth
    • 11-1/8" diameter
    • 35-7/8" circumference
    • 17.6 qt capacity

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All American Non Electric 1925X Sterilizer, Each
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