Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitator - Infant

Reusable Manual Resuscitator
For Infants
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitators for Infants, reusable resuscitators that have been constructed to use the Mark IV patient vale, the Mark IV inlet valve and the reusable oxygen reservoir. The Ambu Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitators is made out of parts that can be disassembled easily. The whole Resuscitator can easy be cleaned and autoclaved at a temperature of 134° Celsius.

The unique shape of this resuscitator is small and easy to hold. The ergonomic, lightweight design is made for optimal user handling, and has a special textured surface combined with a unique support strap for a comfortable and firm grip. The strap also allows for effective ventilation over extended periods without the problem of hand fatigue. The resuscitators are semi-transparent allowing for a visual check of the patient’s condition.


  • Bag volume: Neonate (220 ml)
  • Dimensions: Neonate (165x70 mm)
  • Weight: Neonate (112 g)
  • Includes reservoir and mask

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