Ambu Twin Pump - Infant

Reusable Manual Resuscitator
For Infants
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries Ambu Twin Pump for infants. The Ambu Twin pump is a reusable resuscitator that is fast and effective, allowing a free airflow of 70 liters/minute or 250 ml of thick fluid sucked up in about two seconds! The special double chamber pump design makes it possible that no vacuum build-up time is wasted and the suction is continuous.


  • In emergency situations, container capacity is without limit - pumping continues even when contents overflow
  • Small bore suction tip can easily be removed to enable instant use of the large, 10mm suction tip
  • Large suction tip is ideal for increased speed of suction and to remove larger, solid particles
  • Vacuum: 600 mm Hg
  • Size: 206 x 96 x 104 mm
  • Max flow: 70 liters/minute
  • Weight: 1100 g
  • Reservoir/container capacity holds approximately 600 ml

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Ambu Twin Pump - Infant, 600ml
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