Aspirators, also known as suction machines are medical devices used to extract mucus and other fluids from airways. Our selection of portable medical suction aspirators is carefully chosen for use by midwives, nurse-midwives and other health care professonals for use at home, in birth centers, in professional offices or during emergency transport. We also carry the manual Res-Q-Vac which is a portable hand powered aspirator that is used for airway suction.



Res Q Vac System - Infant

Portable Hand-Powered Airway Suction Device
For Infants
$0.00 excluding shipping

Res Q Vac System - Adult

Portable Hand-Powered Airway Suction Device
For Adults
$0.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Aspirator S130A

Reliable Favorite, Heavy Metal Base
Ideal for Midwives, Birth Centers and Medical Professionals
From $319.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Aspirator S330A

Molded Plastic Base, Durable & Lightweight
For Newborn & Adult Resuscitatin
From $299.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Aspirator S430A

Most Economical Model
Lightweight & Portable, Ideal for Midwives
$279.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Bacteria Filters

Disposable Hydrophobic Filters For Schuco Aspirators
$0.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Replacement Canisters

800ml Canister with Snap On Lid
Used with Schuco Aspirators
From $10.00 excluding shipping

Suction Catheters

Straight Valve Catheter For Use With Aspirators
From $0.80 excluding shipping

Schuco Suction Tubing Kits

Suction Tubing Kits
$12.00 excluding shipping