Backpack Ultra - Iron Duck

Ergonomically Designed Large Backpack
Available in Black or Red
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Iron Duck Backpack Ultra

The Ultra Backpack is Iron Duck's largest backpack, designed to carry equipment,  supplies,  oxygen tanks, and more with infinite customization options. Measures 23"H x 19"W x 12"D

  • The top front pocket contains a gusseted pouch divided into three sections with elastic tacking for various supplies. On the opposite side is a zippered pocket for flat supplies or papers. The bottom front pocket has one flat pocket and two gusset pockets.
  • On the inner lid are three removable color-coded pouches with clear windows. Behind the pouches are two zippered inner pockets for flat supplies. The removable dividing panel offers a combination of both flat zippered and clear gusseted pockets for intubation supplies.
  • On the other side of the divider are two quick-release buckles that can secure a D or Jumbo D oxygen tank. There are also two-lined mesh pockets to hold portable suction and other oxygen accessories.
  • The corners have been reinforced with high-density plastic to improve wear.
  • This bag can be carried multiple ways including the ergonomically designed backpack straps or using the side or top rubber molded handles.