Cascade Newborn Resuscitation Kit * Basic

Cascade Newborn Basic Resuscitation Ki with Carrying Case
Ideal for Small Practices
SKU: 1075
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Our Cascade Basic Resuscitation Kits are designed for seasoned professionals as well as new midwives who only attend a few births, but want to be prepared for newborn resuscitation. The Basic Resuscitation Kit is also ideal for busy practices that need to have a back up kit available.  This quality resuscitation set-up comes complete in a sturdy, green Iron Duck Oxygen Bag.


  • D Cylinder Oxygen Tank - empty
  • Regulator Flow Control & Contents Gauge
  • Mercury Disposable CPR Bag, infant resuscitator
  • Adult Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask
  • Infant Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask
  • Oxygen Tubing x2
  • Iron Duck Oxygen Bag, size D in green