Special Use Needle Only - BD

PrecisionGlide Sterile,Special Use Needles
16g, 21g, 25g, 27g & 30g
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BD PrecisionGlideTM SpecialUse Bevel Needles are  sterile, hypodermic needles have an advanced low-angle bevel design, a unique polishing process and a low-friction lubricant. The needle cannula is made of stainless steel and the polypropylene hub is designed to fit any slip tip, whether it is reusable or single-use. BD PrecisionGlideTM Specialty Use Needles come in sterile, fiber-free peel-apart packages with a sheath protecting the point and cannula. This product is latex-free.


  • Hypodermic needle
  • Advanced low-angel bevel design
  • Low-friction lubricant
  • Stainless steel cannula
  • Polyproylene hub fits all slip tips
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile