Benefits of Breastfeeding DVD

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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Benefits of Breastfeeding DVDThis award-winning, informational video on breastfeeding provides current medical information, facts, and the message that breastfeeding is best! The Benefits of Breastfeeding video is designed for use in early childbirth classes taught by lactation consultants, WIC breastfeeding coordinators, childbirth instructors, nurse midwives, obstetricians, and doulas. An instruction sheet comes with each video.

Divided into five segments for easy classroom discussion, this video highlights the important immunizing properties of breastmilk, the amazing results of medical studies on breastmilk and I.Q. tests, how breastfeeding is medically beneficial for new moms, and more. Personal interviews with a diverse group of mothers answer common concerns of new mothers considering breastfeeding.


  • Available in Spanish Only

21 minutes, 2006

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