BF4B Vascular Doppler - Medasonics

BF4B Vascular Doppler With Stethoscope Headset
Manufacturer part number: 101 0154 010
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Medasonics BF4B Vascular Dopplers

The Medasonics® BF4B Blood Flow Vascular Doppler with Stethoscope Headset is designed for general blood flow studies and is the preferred Doppler for many clinicians because of its optimized sensitivity. With its durable design that performs even in the most rugged environments, the BF4B Doppler is the optimal unit to locate vessels and assess vessel patency, calculate ankle-brachial index, and measure systolic blood pressure.

Includes  Doppler with 5mhz built in probe,  Stethoscope Style Headset, Carrying Case, 9v Battery, and Coupling Gel. One year labor, 5 year parts warranty.

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