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Birthing Simulator Basic & Pro Parts

Obstetric simulation to enhance training effects:

The 3B Scientific® Birthing Simulator P90 PRO has been developed for the skill training in normal deliveries, in complicated deliveries and in obstetric emergencies. Obstetric simulation has proven successful to enhance the training of delivery skills, following of protocols and reaction in emergency situation.

Assessment and manipulation of fetal positions:

Birthing complications are in general less likely when an abnormal fetal position or presentation can be detected before the labor process starts. Using obstetric simulation, trainees will learn how to detect abnormal positions and presentations, and how to use manual techniques to assist the birthing process. Training of manual birthing maneuvers (like Leopold, or Pinard’s) must be trained so that correct measures are applied during complicated deliveries. Furthermore, the trainee will learn when to apply obstetric emergency interventions (like a cesarean section).

  • Abdominal Wall: Spare abdominal wall for the P90 Basic.
  • Amniotic Fluid Insert: Can be used for practicing on vertical amniotic sacs with the release of simulated amniotic fluid. It contains an additional pouch of 250 ml of artificial amniotic fluid and 100 amnion inserts.  
  • Birth Canal/Cervix x1: The set consists of one birth canal and one cervix for the  P90 Pro. 
  • Birth Canal/Cervix x2: The set consists of two birth canals and a cervix for the P90 Pro. 
  • C-Section Insert: The C-section set serves as a spare insert for the birth simulator, P90 Basic, and is delivered pre-sectioned.
  • Cervix/Vulva: A spare set consisting of a cervix and a vulva for the birth simulator.
  • Complete Baby Set: Contains a fully jointed baby, an umbilical cord with 2 clamps and a placenta. In connection with the birth simulator, fetal positions and the mechanics of birth can be demonstrated. The umbilical cord can be cut. Both complete and incomplete births can be simulated and practiced with the placenta. 
  • Leopold Insert:  Using the insert, fetal positions can be determined manually and diagnoses can be made manually to change the position of the baby. The inflatable uterus set serves as a spare part for the 3B Scientific birth simulators.
  • Lubricating Gel: Contains two bottles each with 250 ml. 
  • Umbilical Cord Set: Contains 5 umbilical cords and 10 umbilical cord clamps. Each umbilical cord can be cut up to 5 times. 
  • Upgrade Kit: The following birth scenarios can be demonstrated and practiced too: C-section birth, including cutting and tearing a C-section, vertical amniotic sacs including release of the amniotic fluid, manual-diagnosed fetal positions of the baby through the abdominal wall. 
  • Uterine Wall: Spare uterine wall for the birth simulator, P90 Pro.

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