Skills Models

Simulators and training  models for teaching childbirth, fetal monitoring, and postpartum hemorrhage management skills.

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Birthing Simulator Basic

Skill Training for Normal & Complicated Deliveries
Includes Fetal Model
From $849.00 excluding shipping

Birthing Simulator Deluxe

Anatomically Accurate Model of Human Birth
Includes Cloth Baby
$1,645.00 excluding shipping

Birthing Simulator with 5 Cervices

Great for Teaching Stages of Labor
$785.00 excluding shipping

Birthing Stages Trainer

$1,299.00 excluding shipping

Birthing Station Simulator by Lifeform

Used to Demonstrate Practice of Palpating the Internal Birth Canal
Includes Teaching Guide & Carrying Case
$849.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Dilatation Effacement Simulators

Life/form® Simulator Designed for Teaching & Demonstration, & Practice of Cervical Exams
$849.00 excluding shipping

Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model

Used to Provide Students with Realistic Simulation of Labor Assessment
Comes Complete with Carrying Case
From $470.00 excluding shipping

Internal Fetal Monitor Trainer

For Teaching Insertion of Internal Electrode For Fetal Heart Monitoring
From $310.00 excluding shipping

Postpartum Hemorrhage Trainer

Realistic Training Tool
Realistic Feed and Texture
$999.00 excluding shipping