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Iron Duck Equipmenbt Bags: American Made Strength

Iron Duck Equipment Bags - there are many reasons why this brand has become a trusted name among active professionals from midwives and emergency service providers to fire fighters, the military and law enforcement agents. After carrying them for 15 years without a single quality complaint, we have a few reasons of our own.




Iron Duck has an exclusive line of midwife equipment bags. From extremely well placed compartments for organizing a cornucopia of supplies, to spacious designs sturdy enough to hold resuscitation (yes, they hold full oxygen tanks) and diagnostics equipment, each bag is designed with forethought of what type of organization a midwife needs to stay calm and efficient during the fast-paced moments of the birthing process. And the icing on the cake? All of the bags are designed in purple - the official color of midwifery - with the midwifery logo proudly emblazoned on the bag.


Nowadays it can be difficult to find products that aren't manufactured in other countries, where quality often takes a back-seat to affordability. Iron Duck is a proud American-owned family business that manufacturers their bags in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The fact that their product is also a standard for exceptional quality and durability is more reason to support the national company.

What we appreciate most about Iron Duck is how effectively we can prove that making an investment in a quality product definitely pays off in the long run. We have carried the brand for 15 years and haven't had a single complaint, which says a lot about the level of quality and design. They also offer a lifetime warranty on zippers, which is the most common part of equipment bags that tend to falter over the years.


The material used for the construction of Iron Duck bags is what makes it so strong and durable. When you see and feel the bag, you can immediately see the difference between a standard equipment bag and an Iron Duck bag. Made from a strong, tightly woven canvas fabric, each bag offers years of service without fear of deterioration or wear. Even their external compartments are designed to be sturdy, so they act as an extension of the entire bag as opposed to a flimsy extremity that can easily be damaged or torn by constant use.


The bags clean easily, which is a necessity for professionals using them regularly on the go. Many of the liners are removable and can be machine washed, but it is recommended that you wash your Iron Duck bag by hand. General cleaning simply requires an all-purpose cleaner and cold water (for stains, using hot water increases the risk of setting the stain). Dirt and soil stains are easily removed by brushing the area with a household detergent. You can use dry cleaning fluid for grease and oil stains.1

For professionals that need to remove blood stains, you can find more specialized cleaning instructions on Iron Duck's website by clicking here. They also include easy steps for preventing your zipper from freezing if you are using your bag in colder climates.

For more details on each bag and to see our full selection of professional Iron Duck bags, click here. For the complete line of midwifery line of Iron Duck bags, click here. We also use Iron Duck midwifery bags exclusively for our Midwifery Kits because of their durability and quality.

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Written By: Samantha Darling for Cascade HealthCare Products



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