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3 Simple Components for Setting Up an IV

This is a short, sweet and simple guide to what midwives need to set up an IV. You will find greater details on all items listed on their corresponding product pages.

What you need:

1. Solution Set

Solution sets contain the tubing required to connect the IV fluids to the catheter. The most commonly used solution set among midwives is the Baxter IV Solution Set with 1 Injection Site. These solution sets measure 76” long and include a Lever Lock Cannula, Luer Lock Adapter and one injection site. Click here for details.

2. IV Catheter and Injection Site

The IV catheter is the device that is inserted into the hand and is connected to the solution set. There are a few different options available when choosing a catheter – with lubricant for easy insertion, protective shields to reduce needle-stick injuries, or wings to conform to the body for greater comfort.

Our top 3 picks for IV catheters are:

  • Terumo Surflo Winged Infusion Sets with soft, flexible interlocking wings that conform to the body’s contour.
  • BD Insyte Autoguard shielded IV Catheters with a unique push-button shielding mechanism that releases a spring allowing the needle and flash chamber to quickly retract into the safety barrel. These are excellent for reducing needle-stick injuries in practitioners inserting the IV cathether.
  • Terumo Surflo IV Catheters that have a medical grade lubricant to allow for easier penetration and smoother travel through tissue.

Injection Sites, like the Baxter Injection Site 2N3379 and Baxter Injection Site 2N3399, are used to cap a catheter that you want to leave in place. 

3. IV Starter Kits

Above we listed the supplies you need to put together an IV. In addition to the IV set up, there are necessary supplies for prepping the skin and securing the IV as well. For those who prefer the convenience of a ready-to-use starter kit with all the necessary supplies, each kit includes the basic necessities: dressings, gauze, surgical tape, alcohol prep pad, iodine prep pad, and tourniquet.

Why use an IV Starter Kit? Less opening of packages reduces the risk of contamination. It is also extremely convenient as each kit contains all the requirements to prepare for an IV. Important note: IV Starter Kits do not include the Solution Set or the IV Catheter. They are a single-use kit for preparing and securing the IV when it is administered.

Two of our favorite IV Starter Kits are the Medi-Pak Performance IV Start Kits with Tegaderm Dressings and the Medline IV Start Kits.

Medi-Pak Performance IV Start Kits with Tegaderm Dressings include:

  • Tegaderm dressing
  • Gauze: 2" x 2", 4-ply
  • Antibacterial PVP iodophor prep pad
  • Antibacterial alcohol prep pad
  • Transpore tape
  • Tourniquet

Medline IV Start Kits include:

  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Iodine ampule
  • Gauze: 2” x 2”
  • Bioclusive dressing
  • Transpore tape
  • Tourniquet
  • Label

We also carry a full selection of IV supplies, IV bags and IV teaching aids. Just click here for the complete IV section.

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Written By: Samantha Darling for Cascade HealthCare Products



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