BSE Models

Our BSE Models include breast exam kits, fibrocystic models, group models, lymph node models, teen breast exam models and more. The models we carry are perfect for a wide variety of educational purposes. We feature the most popular BSE models from Childbirth Graphics, 3B Scientific and Nasco.



ABC Cup BSE Model Set

Models Contain Palpable & Non Palpable Lumps
$264.00 excluding shipping

Breast Examination Kit

Ideal for Identifying & Teaching Various Breast Pathologies
$2,339.00 excluding shipping

Breast Health Education Kit

Complete BSE Education Materials for Groups
Includes Models, Charts, DVD
$619.00 excluding shipping

Breast Model Cross-Section

Depicts Common Breast Pathologies
$69.00 excluding shipping

Breastology Bag Training Model

Includes 6 Soft Sculpted Breast Models and Tote Bag
$99.00 excluding shipping

BSE Model, 3 Breast

Three Realistic Breasts on a Base
Features Benign & Malignant Tumors
$589.00 excluding shipping

Female Breast Model

Features a Lactating and Non-Lactating Breast
Both Depiciting Common Diseases
$599.00 excluding shipping

Fibrocystic BSE Model

Great Educational Tool
$122.00 excluding shipping

Group BSE Model

Group Breast Self-Exam Model
Beige or Brown
$379.00 excluding shipping

Heavy Duty BSE Model

Heavy Duty BSE Model Beige
Available in Brown
$123.00 excluding shipping

Interchangeable Nodules BSE Model

With Interchangeable Lump Sizes
$139.00 excluding shipping

Left Breast Model with Irregular Masses

Full Size Model with Embedded Lumps
$109.00 excluding shipping

Lymph Node Model

Model for Detecting Lumps Under the Arm
Comes With Carrying Case
$108.00 excluding shipping

Single Breast Examination Trainer with TearPad

Available in Dark and Light
$149.00 excluding shipping

Standard BSE Model

Mimics Feel of Real Tissue
Ideal for Breast Self Awarness Education
$89.00 excluding shipping

Standard BSE Model Kit

Breast Self-Exam Model Kit Includes Both Beige & Brown Breast Models
Includes Carrying Case
$153.00 excluding shipping

Teen BSE Model

Breast Self Exam Model For Teenagers
Available in Beige or Brown
$89.00 excluding shipping

Wearable BSE Model

Demonstrates Realistic BSE
Carrying Case Available
$1,199.00 excluding shipping