Breast Examination Kit

Ideal for Identifying & Teaching Various Breast Pathologies
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Breast Examination Kit

The 3B Scientific Breast Examination Kit is ideal for identifying and teaching  various breast pathologies.Train on locating cysts and tumors on life-like training models using a real ultrasound. Teach the importance of regular breast self-examination using a wearable model with the look and feel of natural soft tissue. Demonstrate the differences between healthy and unhealthy breast tissue to educate patients about a range of common diseases. Great for any women's health program!


  • P124 Sonotrain Breast Model with Cycts
  • P125 Sonotrain Breast Model with Tumors
  • L51 Wearable Self Exam Breast Model
  • L56 Model of Femal Breast
  • VR1556L Female Breast Chart

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