Breastfeeding Charts

Our chart selection includes wall charts, folding displays, chart sets, informative posters and more. Suitable for lactation consultants, midwives, childbirth educators and mothers interested in an easy reference guide for breastfeeding techniques and information.

Breastfeeding Chart

Laminated Wall Chart
$21.00 excluding shipping

Infant Stomach Models Flip Chart

Shows infant's Stomach Size from Birth to 6 months.
$21.00 excluding shipping

Breastfeeding Basics Spiral Bound Charts

12 Pages of Bilingual Breastfeeding Charts
Ideal for Classroom & One on One Teaching
$75.00 excluding shipping

Breastfeeding Chart Collection

36 Full Color, Bilingual, Multi-Ethnic Illustrations
Designed to Cover all Basic Breastfeeding Information
$99.00 excluding shipping

Breastfeeding Chart Set

Beautifully Illustrated Laminated Set of 8 Charts
$136.00 excluding shipping

Breastfeeding Terms, Techniques, & Problem Solving Glossary

Pocket Size, Multilingual Breastfeeding Teaching Aid
$39.00 excluding shipping

Breastmilk Baby's Best Nutrition Chart

Illustrated Laminated Wall Chart
Useful Information about Compositin of Breastmilk
$20.00 excluding shipping

Guide to Breastfeeding Pocket Chart Set

32 Page, Pocket Size Charts
Spiral Bound
$29.00 excluding shipping

Successful Breastfeeding Folding Display

Illustrated Folding Display
Full-Color Photos of Diverse Breastfeeding Mothers & Their Babies
$49.00 excluding shipping