Breastfeeding Models

Breastfeeding education models that cover a  variety of topics from breastmilk composition and new baby stools to breast models for flat and inverted nipples and a variety of aids for teaching ways to avoid infant tooth decay.


Baby Bellies Display

Reassuring Display of Babies Small Stomachs
$14.00 excluding shipping

Breastfeeding Hand Puppet Only

A Fun Way to Teach Breastfeeding
Puppet Only in Beige or Brown
$79.00 excluding shipping

Breastfeeding Hand Puppet Set

Provide Engaging & Effective Breastfeeding Demonstrations
Set Includes Puppet & Breast Model, Beige or Brown
$169.00 excluding shipping

Breastmilk Composition Display

Three Models Demonstrating Colostrum, Hindmilk & Foremilk
$94.00 excluding shipping

Dirty Details: Breastfed Baby Stool Display

Teach Parent's What Baby Stools Reveal
Realistic Display Shows Color & Texture of Newborn Stools
$65.00 excluding shipping

Female Breast Model

Features a Lactating and Non-Lactating Breast
Both Depiciting Common Diseases
$599.00 excluding shipping

Flat and Inverted Nipple Lactation Model

Helps Mothers with Flat & Inverted Nipples Understand
They Can Successfully Breastfeed
$155.00 excluding shipping

Lactation Model, Full Size

Ideal for Lactation Education
Available in Being or Brown
$129.00 excluding shipping

Lactating Breast Model, Small

Perfect for Breastfeeding Educators
Available in Beige
$79.00 excluding shipping

Mothers Own Milk Breastfeeding Trainer

Used for Teaching Anatomy & Breastfeeding Positions
$199.00 excluding shipping