Breastfeeding Displays

Our selection of professional lactation teaching aids is designed for breastfeeding educators and Lactation Consultants teaching mother's effective breastfeeding techniques.

Our selection includes Breastfeeding Education Dolls for demonstarting appropriate feeding positions and techniques. We also offer teaching aids for a variety of topics from breastmilk composition and new baby stools to breast models for flat and inverted nipples and a variety of aids for teaching ways to avoid infant tooth decay.


Baby Bellies Display

Baby Bellies Display for Breastfeeding Education
$14.00 excluding shipping

Breast Model, Cloth

Cloth Breast Model is used for teaching Breastfeeding
Available in Beige or Brown
From $52.00 excluding shipping

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Model Set

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Model demonstrates the consequences of babies sleeping with bottles
From $81.00 excluding shipping

Breastmilk Composition Display

Three Breast Models Demonstrating Colostrum, Hindmilk and Foremilk
Cascade Bestseller
From $84.00 excluding shipping

Dirty Details Breastfed Baby Stool Display

Dirty Details is Perfect for Teaching New Parents
About Babies Getting Enough Breastmilk
From $45.00 excluding shipping

Female Breast Model

Features a Lactating and Non-Lactating Breast
Both Depiciting Common Diseases
$619.00 excluding shipping

Flat and Inverted Nipple Lactation Model

Flat & Inverted Nipple Lactation Models for Teaching Breastfeeding
From $142.00 excluding shipping

Infant Stomach Models Flip Chart

Infant Stomach Models Flip Chart Shows infant's Stomach Size from Birth to 6 months.
$24.00 excluding shipping

Lactating Breast Model, Small

Small Lactating Breast Model for Teaching Breastfeeding
$0.00 excluding shipping

Lactation Model

Lactation Model Used for Breastfeeding Education
$0.00 excluding shipping

Mothers Own Milk Breastfeeding Trainer

Mother's Own Breastfeeding Trainer helps teach proper positions for Breastfeeding
$0.00 excluding shipping

Progression Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Progression of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, Table Top Dispaly
$148.00 excluding shipping

Sippy Cup Of Sugar Display

Sippy Cup of Sugar Educational Display
Teach Parents About Effects of Sugar in Children's Diets
From $68.00 excluding shipping