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Herbal Breast Compress to Aid Lactation
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Cascade HealthCare Products knows that nursing moms often suffer from plugged ducts while lactating. WishGarden's Happy Ducts Breast Compress is a soothing soak for vulnerable tissues to calm and protect minor irritations. The Happy Ducts herbal compress is a helpful external aid during lactation when lymph and immunity need extra support. Use it as a soak, a wash or as a poultice to soothe nipples and breasts. Combining this breast compress with Happy Ducts tinctures is a great multi-strategy approach for healthy immunity.

Active Ingredients: Melilot aerials, Elderflower, Marshmallow root, Calendula flower, Echinacea Purpurea root, Yarrow aerials, Parsley leaf, Myrrh resin, Sea Salt

*Happy Ducts Breast Compress is intended for short-term use.

*Comes in a 3 oz container.

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