Cascade Midwifery Tincture Kit

Cascade Midwifery Tincture Kit
10 Wishgarden Birth Tinctures in a Carrying Case
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Cascade Tincture Kit for Midwives 

Our Cascade Midwifery Tincture Kits inlcudes 10 WishGarden Herbal Tinctures that are specially designed for use during labor and delivery, as well as tinctures for midwives that are designed for stress relief and heightened focus. 

These kits are designed for practicing professionals. For the safety of our expecting mothers, it is recommended that these tinctures only be used under the guidance of a midwife or birthing professional.

Featured Tinctures for Labor & Delivery

  • WishGarden Herbs' After Ease (1 oz) - Herbal support for afterbirth pains
  • WishGarden Herbs' Angelica Raspberry (1 oz) - Encourages delivery of afterbirth
  • WishGarden Herbs' B & B Labor (1 oz) - Encourages contractions
  • WishGarden Herbs' Centered Mama (1 oz) - Relaxation aid for harmonious birthing
  • WishGarden Herbs' Cotton Root (1 oz) - For naturally inducing labor
  • WishGarden Herbs' Labor Enhancer (1 oz) - Encourages effacement and contractions
  • WishGarden Herbs' Smooth Transitions (1 oz) - Nervine formula for labor transition
  • WishGarden Herbs' Wombstringe (1 oz) - Uterine astringent to resolve unwanted spotting

Featured Tinctures for Midwives

  • WishGarden Herbs' Deep Stress Daily Rescue (1 oz) - Herbal stress support
  • WishGarden Herbs' Emotional Ally (1 oz) - Herbal anxiety and duress aid