Cascade Newborn Resuscitation Set * AB

Complete Newborn Resuscitation Kit
Includes Breathsaver Bag and Ambu Baby Mark IV Resuscitator
SKU: 2888
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The  Cascade Newborn Resuscitation Kit HB includes the  Ambu Baby Mark IV Resuscitator and the Iron Duck  Breathsaver Bag This kit is pefect for seasoned professionals and new midwives who want a complete resuscitation kit for newborns. This quality resuscitation set-up comes complete in a sturdy, purple Iron Duck Breathsaver bag featuring the midwifery logo.


  • D Cylinder Oxygen Tank - Empty
  • Regulator Flow Control & Contents Gauge
  • Ambu Mark IV Newborn Resuscitator
  • Adult High Concentration Oxygen Mask
  • Infant Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask
  • Oxygen Tubing 7ft x 2
  • Nasal Cannula
  • Iron Duck Breathsaver Bag, Purple with Midwifery Logo