Cascade HealthCare Products has a variety of Herbal Teas specially designed for pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. Our certified organic selection includes teas by Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics, Yogi and Choice Organic Teas. These teas are specially selected for consumption during pregnancy, except where noted, and are USDA Certified Organic.

Herbal teas offer a natural, soothing option for relief of various symptoms experienced during pregnancy including heartburn, stress and morning sickness. They are also a great option for offering support and nutrients for the uterus and body during pregnancy and in preparation for labor.

In addition to Herbal Teas, we carry an extensive selection of products tailored to Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding! To see our selection of breastfeeding products, WishGarden Herb Tinctures, Floradix Natural Mineral Supplements, Homeopathy for children and more, just click here.

If you need help choosing the right products, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and other health care professionals. You can email questions to cherylatcascade@gmail.com or call us at (800)443-9942.

Organic Chamomile Herb Tea - Choice Organic Teas

Soothing, Calming Herbal Tea
From $5.25

Organic Heartburn Tea - Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Herbal Tea For Easing Heartburn
From $5.00

Organic Milkmaid Tea - Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Herbal Tea For Breast Milk Stimulation
*Not Safe For Use During Pregnancy
From $5.50

Organic Morning Wellness Tea - Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Herbal Tea For Alleviation of Morning Sickness
From $5.00

Organic Third Trimester Tea - Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Herbal Tea For 3rd Trimester Preparation
From $5.00

Woman's Raspberry Leaf Organic Tea - Yogi

Herbal Tea For Uterus Strength & Menstrual Cramp Relief
From $4.50