Cascade HealthCare Products carries Charts for Labor and Birth. Our chart selection includes wall charts, tabletop charts, flip charts, pocket guides and chart sets. Suitable for childbirth educators and families interested in learning about the various aspects of birth from cervical dilation and birth anatomy to birth partner guides and charts for using birthing balls. For an easy and quick reference guide, these charts are an excellent visual resources.

We have a wide selection of Childbirth Educational Materials from Teaching Aids to Tear Pads and Books. Just click here to see our complete selection of Childbirth education products.

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Cervical Effacement and Dilation Chart

Teaching Aid
$26.00 excluding shipping

Birth Ball Comfort Positions Chart

Wall Chart
$28.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Dilation Easel Display

Cervical Dilation Easel Display is a 3D Tabletop Display
From $115.00 excluding shipping

Childbirth Chart

Anatomical Demonstration of Childbirth Wall Chart
$21.00 excluding shipping

Comfort Positions For Labor and Birth Flip Chart

Comfort Positions for Labor & Birth Flip Chart with 6 Panels
Depicting Positions for Labor and Birth
$148.00 excluding shipping

Essential Labor & Birth PowerPoint

Essential Labor & Birth PowerPoint Teaching Aid For Understanding Labor/Birth, English/Spanish Programs Included
$81.00 excluding shipping

Healthy Newborn Flip Chart

Healthy Newborn Flip Chart has Images of Healthy Newborn Appearance
From $115.00 excluding shipping

Healthy Newborn PowerPoint

Healthy Newborn PowerPoint, to Slides of Healthy Newborn Appearance
$80.00 excluding shipping

Healthy Newborns Pocket Guide

Healthy Newborns Pocket Guide Provides Images of Healthy Appearance & Reflexes
$33.00 excluding shipping

Indications for Cesarean Section Chart

Full Color Wall Chart
$28.00 excluding shipping

Labor and Birth Intervention Chart Set

Labor & Birth Intervention Chart Set Includes 6 Bilingual Wall Charts
From $110.00 excluding shipping

Labor Progress Pocket Guide

Labor Progress Pocket Guide for Teaching Cervical Dilation
$43.00 excluding shipping

One to One Labor/Birth Chart Set

4 Charts Showing Normal Progress of Labor/Birth
From $62.00 excluding shipping

Positions for Laboring Out of Bed Chart

Details Alternative Labor Positions
$28.00 excluding shipping

Process of Giving Birth Flip Chart

Process of Giving Birth Flip Charts Feature Full-Color Images of Pregnancy & Birth, Bilingual
$131.00 excluding shipping

Process of Giving Birth PowerPoint

Process of Giving Birth Power Point Features 23 Slides on Conception, Fetal Development & Labor
$81.00 excluding shipping

Six Essential Labor and Birth Charts

Six Labor & Birth Charts
From $115.00 excluding shipping

Stages of Labor Chart

Illustrated Wall Chart
$24.00 excluding shipping

Stages of Labor Folding Display

Stages of Labor Tabletop Display
Describes What Happens During Labor
$0.00 excluding shipping

Variations in Presentation Chart

Full Color Wall Chart
$28.00 excluding shipping