Childbirth Mini Model Set

Pocket Size Labor & Birth Training Aid
Ideal for One on One Teaching
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Childbirth Graphics Childbirth Mini Model Set

The Childbirth Graphics Childbirth Mini Model Set includes Pocket Uterus, Baby and Pelvis (6 Pieces) for childbirth. This miniature delivery set is an exceptional one-to-one teaching tool for offices, clinics and schools, as well as childbirth and sibling classes!

Its size makes it easily portable too and a handy way to explain what happens during labor and birth. The 5 1/2" long baby has a detachable placenta and cord with amniotic sac. The pelvis and knitted uterus accommodate the baby so that you can show the journey of birth. The tiny flannel receiving blanket helps you show parents and siblings how to swaddle a baby. A tote bag with a hook-and-loop fastener keeps everything together. 

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