Childbirth Model Set with Cloth Pelvis

Childbirth Model Set with Cloth Pelvic Model
Includes Placenta Chorion and Perineal Cloth
Fetal Model in Beige, Brown and Dark Brown
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 Childbirth Graphics Childbirth Delivery Model

The Childbirth Graphics Childbirth Delivery Model Set with Cloth Pelvis is a complete childbirth teaching aid. What better way to demonstrate perineal stretching, the passage of the baby through the cloth pelvis, and the delivery of the placenta than by demonstrating the whole process with this complete set!  This time-tested set has a Fetal Model that is able to demonstrate any presentation or position using the Cloth Pelvis Model to demonstrate delivery. The Perineal Cloth Model attaches to the pelvis to show stretching of the perineum and possible episiotomy, while the Fetal Model can be placed inside the simulated amniotic sac and the umbilical cord attaches to the model's "belly button."