Tapercut Needle


Cascade HealthCare Products carries Coated Undyed VICRYL Suture with Tapercut Needles by Ethicon. These needles combine a sharp taper point with a reverse cutting tip. Three sharp cutting edges extend about 1/32" from the tip, where they blend into a round taper body.

This point is designed to cut through old scars while still making a very small hole and is generally the best cutting needle to use in highly vascular tissue. A tapered body passes smoothly, minimizing the danger of cutting into surrounding tissue (Healing Passages, 2010).

The strength of the suture is predicated on the identification number at the beginning of each suture.


  • 1-0 and 2-0: Used for high stress areas requiring strong retention
  • 3-0: Used in areas requiring good retention
  • 4-0: Used in areas requiring minimal retention. Most commonly used for superficial wound closure.

*Please note: pictures do not reflect the actual needle size.
Click the images below for a Printable Needle Chart.

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