Cascade HealthCare Products carries Caprosyn Monofilament Synthetic Absorbable Sutures from Covidien. Caprosyn Suture is a sterile surgical suture composed of Glycolide, Caprolactone, Trimethylene Carbonate and Lactide.

Caprosyn suture’s quick absorption, durable polymer material and monofilament construction means smooth passage through tissue, better approximation or ligation, and minimized potentiation of infection. Specifically, Caprosyn™ sutures deliver a much faster absorption rate than other USP synthetic absorbable sutures–essentially complete in 56 days.

Advantages of Caprosyn Over Gut Suture

  • Lower Tissue Reactivity: Synthetic suture is inherently less reactive and may reduce the chances of scarring and adhesions.
  • Suture Integrity: Caprosyn maintains integrity after multiple passes whereas Gut suture may fray after multiple passes.
  • Predictable Strength and Absorption Profiles: Gut may display inconsistent strength and absorption profiles based on the variable factors involved in enzymatic absorption and in the gut material itself.
  • Less Tissue Drag: Monofilament surface of Caprosyn results in less tissue drag than the twisted surface of Gut suture.
  • Superior Handling: Caprosyn is extremely easy to handle and tie compared to Gut suture.
  • Superior Strength Out-of-Package: Caprosyn is stronger out-of-package and provides secure wound approximation for ten days.
  • Reduced Potentiation of Infection: The enzymatic degradation of Gut suture is reactive to the host tissue and typically results in greater bacterial presence than Caprosyn, which is degraded by hydrolysis.

We offer undyed Caprosyn Sutures in different sizes of varying strengths with Taper Point Needles.

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