Diagnostix 700 Pocket Aneroid - ADC

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ADC Diagnostix 700 Pocket Aneroids

The ADC Diagnostix 700 Pocket Aneroids with nylon cuffs is a high-quality blood pressure cuff designed for professionals who need accuracy and consistent performance.

  • Chrome-plated precision crafted 300mmHg manometer
  • Luminescent dial features bold numerals and extended graduation marks for easy reading in all light
  • conditions and from virtually any angle
  • Adcuff nylon cuff with ADC’s proprietary Size Guide marking system prevents mis-cuffing
  • Adflow filter screen check and deflation valves reduce dust build-up
  • Adflow chrome-plated brass air release valve with micro-threads for precise deflation control
  • Leatherette carrying case with durable nylon zipper
  • Not made with natural rubber latex