Digestive Models & Charts

We carry the Best Selling Digestive Charts & Models from 3B Scientific and Life/form. Our selection includes models of the Disgestive System, Gallbladder, Kidney, Liver  and more. Laminated wall charts are also available.

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Digestive System 3 Part - 3B

Life-size Human Model
Shown in Graphic Relief
$459.00 excluding shipping

Gallstone Model - 3B

Ideal for Patient Education
Anatomy of Biliary System & Surroundings
$75.00 excluding shipping

Hemorrhoid Model - 3B

Life Size Model
Great for Patient Education
$71.00 excluding shipping

Intestinal Diseases Model - 3B

Shows Benign & Malignant Changes
Crohn's Disease & Uncerative Colitis Shown
$109.00 excluding shipping

Kidney Section Model - 3B

3x Full Size
Colorful & Anatomically Accurate
$139.00 excluding shipping

Kidney Stone Model - 3B

Helpful Tool That Shows Kidney & Urinary Stones
Pictures on Base Show Various Stones
$75.00 excluding shipping

Kidneys with Vessels 2 Part - 3B

High Quality Model with Stand
Great for Demonstrating Anatomy of the Kidney
$179.00 excluding shipping

Liver with Gall Bladder - 3B

Realistic Model of the Liver & Gall Bladder
Includes Stand
$79.00 excluding shipping

Stomach Model 3 Part - 3B

The 3B Scientific Stomach Model shows the different and individual layers of the stomach wall.
$289.00 excluding shipping

The Kidney Chart

This colorful anatomical chart depicts the human kidneys in detail.
$21.00 excluding shipping

The Liver Chart

The anatomy of the human liver and its location in the body is detailed in this colorful anatomical chart.
$21.00 excluding shipping