Resuscitators Disposable

Disposable Resuscitators for newborn and adult resuscitation. The resuscitators we carry are from trusted brands known for their quality manual resuscitation equipment.  Choose from the popular Ambu Spur II Disposable Resuscitator available in sizes for infants and adults, or the Mercury Infant CPR Bag, which has been specially designed to fit the small features of a newborn infant.


Ambu Spur II Disposable - Adult

Complete with Reservoir & Mask
From $18.00 excluding shipping

Ambu Spur II Disposable - Infant

Ambu Spur II for Infants
Includes Two Masks & Safety Valve
From $12.00 excluding shipping

Mercury CPR Bag Disposable - Infant

Infant Resuscitator With Manometer
Cascade Best Seller
From $39.00 excluding shipping