Dopplex Reporter 5 Software - Huntleigh

Dopplex Vascular Reporter Software is compatible with DMX & DMXR Dopplers
Manufacturer part number: DR5-USA
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The Huntleigh Dopplex DR5 Reporter Software is the solution to your patient documentation needs. This unique vascular reporting package allows real time visualization of waveforms on a PC. Obtain full-page multiple trace report printouts, or save your studies in a patient database. Traces can be transferred via the optional USB cable or directly from the DMX memory card. The software installs easily without requiring any computer modifications. The Dopplex DR5 Software is for use with the DMX, DMXR, and DMX ABI Kit.



  • Report-style printouts
  • Displays digital color spectral waveforms in real time
  • Replay of doppler waveforms and sounds
  • Final reports can be saved as a PDF file and transferred to external EPR systems
  • Mixed modality profiles can be printed on a single report. e.g. arterial, venous and PPG.
  • Upper and lower limb arterial pressure and flow studies
  • Lower limb venous studies
  • Extra-cranial blood flow studies
  • Penile pressure and flow studies
  • Podiatry and chiropody studies
  • Pre/post-operative studies
  • Surgical studies with flow calculations (V5.1)
  • Doppler waveform parameter calculations (V5.1)
  • Toe pressure studies 
  • DR5 runs on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10