Eclectic Vitamins

Cascade HealthCare Products knows the importance of great quality when choosing your vitamins. We carry a wide selection of vitamins, all from Eclectic Institute, because they formulate specific combinations of natural ingredients to nutritionally support your body's health maintenance. Top specialists in the field of nutrition and preventative medicine are consulted to develop their hypoallergenic, comprehensive nutritional products which are supported by scientific literature, and used by enthusiastic physicians, and loyal customers like Cascade's staff, throughout the country!

This complete line of top quality vitamins are part of the Opti Professional Label, including Opti-Natal Prenatal Vitamins, Optimum Adult Vitamins, and our best selling Opti-Biotic Immune formula.


Opti Natal Prenatal Vitamin - Eclectic

Opti Natal Prenatal Vitamin for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers
Cascade Bestseller for 25 Years
$25.00 excluding shipping