Birth Pool in a Box Professional, Mini Size

Multi-Use Mini Size Professional Tub
Designed for 40+ Births
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Birth Pool in a Box Mini Professional Waterbirth Tubs


The  Birth Pool in a Box Mini Size water birth tubs is for professional and hospital use. These heavy-duty, eco-friendly birthing pools are ideal for mothers up to 5'8" tall, or situations where there is limited floor space. Each tub has been designed for strength and comfort with a built-in seat. The double-reinforced handles are placed on the outside of the tub for added space and comfort. The exterior handles also ensure that your newborn baby doesn't bump into a handle as it floats to the surface.

These tubs have been designed for reuse in hospitals and birth centers by midwives, rental companies, and for other health professionals requiring a durable water birth tub that can withstand heavy, repetitive use.

Made with .55mm heavy plastic, the added thickness on the bottom of these birth pools provides extra strength and protection for the prevention of leaks and drips on the floor. The added thickness also offers a layer of padding on the bottom, making it more comfortable for laboring women. The double-reinforced handles are placed on the outside of the tub for added space and comfort without concern of your newborn baby bumping its head as it floats to the surface.


  • Designed for up to 40 uses
  • Designed for use with disposable liners for increased safety & sanitation
  • Built-in seat for additional comfort and positioning during labor and delivery
  • Disposable liners are hygienic & meet infection control standards
  • .55mm heavy plastic base for extra durability & added comfort
  • Perfect for relaxation during pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Excellent back-up for birth centers & hospitals with stationary tubs
  • Ideal for rental companies offering water birth supplies
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Optional heat cover to keep warmth in tub while not in use


  • External Dimesions, 65" x 57"
  • Internal Dimensions, 45" x 37"
  • Internal Height, 26"
  • Depth of Water, 18" Minimum, 22' Maximum
  • Rim Width, 10"
  • Built in Seat, Yes
  • Cup Holder, Yes
  • Recommended Maximum Height for Mother, 5'8" tall
  • Volume of Water, 125 gallons