Elite 100 Combo OB/Vascular

Elite 100 Audio Only Combo OB/Vascular Dopplers
Comes with both Obstetrical & Vascular Probes
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The Nicolet Elite 100 Combo Dopplers are  audio only hand-held Doppler that are economical, compact, and comes complete with a built-in speaker. Combo units come with both a obstetrical or vascular probe of your choice.

The 2mhz obstetrical probe has a deep signal penetration and is best used to obtain fetal heart tones in larger women and late in pregnancy. It will consistently pick up the fetal heartbeat at 12 weeks and is preferred for use during labor and delivery

The 3mhz obstetrical probe has a shallow singnal penetration and is more sensitive to early fetal heartbeats. It can pick up the fetal signals as earyl as 8-10 weeks. It is most commonly used in earlier stages of pregnancy and for general prenatal use.

The 5mhz vascular probe has a deeper penetration than the 8mhz probe and is most commonly used to locate hard-to-find pulses and monitoring deep veins and arteries in legs: and for ABI studies in larger patients.

The 8mhz vascular probe has a shallow penetration and is best used to assess superficial vessels. It is most commonly used for Ankle/Brachial Indes (ABI) studies, finding pedal pulses and would care applications.

Comes complete with doppler, probes(2) of your choice, battery, and coupling gel.