Elite Obstetrical

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Elite 100 Obstetrical Dopplers

Elite 100 Audio Only Obstetrical Doppler
Choose 2MHz, 2MHz Waterproof or 3MHz Probe
$369.00 excluding shipping

Elite 100R Obstetrical Doppler, Rechargeable

Elite 100R Audio Only Obstetrical Dopplers
With Rechargeable Batteries & Recharger
Overstock Sale, Limited Quantities, Save $50 on all OB Options
$0.00 excluding shipping

Elite 200 Obstetrical Doppler

Elite 200 Obstetrical Doppler with Digital Display
Choose 2MHZ, 2MHz Waterproof or 3MHZ Probe
$535.00 excluding shipping

Elite 200R Obstetrical Doppler, Rechargeable

Elite 200R Obstetrical Doppler with Digital Display
With Rechargeable Batteries & Recharger
$0.00 excluding shipping