Liquid Stitches

Cascade HealthCare Products carries DERMABOND ADVANCED Topical Skin Adhesive to be used in addition to sutures. Secure skin closure is an integral step of nearly every surgical procedure. If the closure device does not provide the strength and support required by the skin tissue, the wound edges may separate, providing a potential pathway for bacterial contamination, which can lead to infection and suboptimal cosmesis. DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive can add strength and protection to an incision.

When used in addition to sutures, DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive was shown ex vivo to add 75% more strength to wound closure than sutures alone. This adhesive also provides a microbial barrier with 99% protection in vitro for at least 72 hours against organisms commonly responsible for surgical site infections (SSIs), and demonstrates in vitro inhibition of gram-positive bacteria (MRSA & MRSE) and gram-negative bacteria (E. coli).

DERMABOND ADVANCED Topical Skin Adhesive is a patented, thick formula with a unique blend of plasticizers and an initiator for precise control. The plasticizers increase flexibility and 3-dimensional strength for secure wound closure and comfort and the initiator enables consistent setting time across various conditions and skin types.

We also carry a variety of Sutures from Ethicon Inc, including VICRYL RAPIDE, Coated VICRYL and Chromic Gut, as well as a specially designed Suturing Kits complete with all of the instruments and supplies you will need for suturing! Just click here to see our complete section on sutures.


Dermabond Advanced Topical Skin Adhesive

Liquid Stitches
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