Eye Model - 12 Part

Shows the Eyeball & Optic Nerve
5Times LIfe Size, 12 Part
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Manufacturer part number: VJ500A
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3B Scientific 12 Part Eye Model is 5x life size and shows the eyeball with optic nerve in its natural position in the bony orbit (floor and medial wall). Additionally, this eye model shows the relation between eye, bones, muscles, and outer structures of the eye. Eye dissects into:

  • Two halves of the sclera
  • Optic nerve
  • M. rectus superior
  • M. rectus lateralis
  • Cornea half
  • Eye lens
  • Lachrymal system
  • Vitreous humour
  • Tear gland
  • Associated structures

A great model of the anatomy of the human eye.