Family Planning

Cascade HealthCare Products carries a variety of Family Planning Educational Materials. Our selection is specially designed for professionals who teach contraception & family planning.

Birth Control Chart

Birth Control Methods Wall Chart
$21.00 excluding shipping

Condom Training Model, Deluxe

Condom Training Model for Demonstrating the Importance of Proper Condom Usage
$0.00 excluding shipping

Condom Training Model, Economy

Affordable Model for Demonstrating Condom Use
Ideal for Groups & Classrooms
From $99.00 excluding shipping

Contraceptive Awareness Guide

Depicts a Wide Range of Contraceptive Options
Framed Display with Easel
$119.00 excluding shipping

Contraceptive Education Starter Package

Includes: Female Contraceptive Model,
Economy Condom Training Model, and the Contraceptive Awareness Guide
From $369.00 excluding shipping

Female Contraceptive Model

Demonstrate Proper Insertion
Female Condoms, Diaphragms, Cervical Caps and Contraceptive Sponges
From $149.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model

Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model for Teaching Insertion of Contraceptive Devices
$106.00 excluding shipping

Guide to Contraceptives Kit

Comprehensive Education Kit
Summarizes Pros, Cons and Reliability
From $329.00 excluding shipping

Understanding Birth Control Flip Chart

Understanding Birth Control 21 Page Chart
Visual Tool for Teaching Contraception
From $89.00 excluding shipping

UV Flashlight for Condom Models

UV Flashlight for Condom Models
$29.00 excluding shipping