Metal Long Point Lancets

Sterile, Long Point Flat Metal Lancets. 1.5mm Depth
Box of 200
SKU: 03554
Manufacturer part number: 3554 * Box of 200
excluding shipping

Metal Long Point Lancets

The Feather Long Point Metal Blood Lancets are sterile, stainless steel with a microsharp point to provide a quick, clean puncture. The lancet's straight side easily spreads blood onto a glass slide. These metal incision tools are great for general use.


  • Individually wrapped, permanently sealed
  • Designed for one-time use
  • Dimensions: 1.5mm wide point is 3.8mm long
  • Precision engineering assures accuracy to within 1/100mm in thickness
  • Superior hardness and point sharpness
  • Sterile stainless steel
  • Sold in boxes with 200 lancets 

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